Race: Anciate'

Profession: Warrior, Clan master, Arena Master

Items: Curved sword, pendent, chainmail, spring boots

Magic: Clearsight

Psy: None yet exibited

Birth Date: 584 BT

Death Date: Still Present

Aidan is the arena master for the Candlewood Arena. He appears to be 27, though is actually some 216 years old. Aidan is a formidable combatent, though his magic seems to be lacking compared to other contestants magic. Aidan commands some 50 guards who patrol the arena and keep the contestants from ripping each others throats out.

How exactly Aidan got an arena and a large group of guards remains a mystery. If asked Aidan will look at you for a moment and say "I asked nicely." If pressed further he refuses to say anymore upon the subject. Another mystery about Aidan is his pendent. If one attmept to examine it, then Aidan will cover it off and absentmindedly shoo you away. Aidan also appears to recieve taxes from the town. In addition, he seems to be funded by someone. How else can he run a arena with guards, a cafe', and moglin healers?

Aidan is 6 foot with reddish brown hair. He is slim but muscular. He has grey eyes flecked with green.

In game stats:

Name: Lord Aidan
Class: GM
Race: GM
Looks: 6.00, Red hair with brown traces, light skin, slim but muscular.
Weapons(s): Two curved sword with a staff handle. There long handle allows them to be used as staffs or swords. Nerf Gun.
Magic: Clear sight: Can see through shadows, smoke, dust, mist, etc.
Psy: Power of the GM
Skills: Gming.
Pet: Dice
Element: Metal Equipment: A pair of boots with springs in them. These allow him to jump up high and come crashing down. A suit of leaf chain made of mithral. Tactics: Likes to attack by supriese or from above. (Preferedly both) Background: The son of a fighter and a dragonslayer, he had been trained from birth for fighting. At the age of 25 he started the Black Knight clan and these Tournements