Candlewood is a small town that sprang up around the arena. There are six shops in the town; the Blackmsith, the Shieldsmith, the Magic Shop, a Pendentshop, the Inn, and a strange shop for Aidan's old freinds*.

The shops provide a variety of services including:

Black Smith Edit

1. Weaponcrafting (Custom made weaponry)

2. Armorcrafting (Custom made armor)

3. Shopkeeper



4. A runtry drakel with wierd gadgets

Magic Shop Edit

1. Enchanting Objects

2. Spells

3. Potions and scrolls

I think zeeble can be found here somewhere...-Kkutwar


1. Custom shields

2. Shopkeeper



1. Drinks

2. Food

3. Lodging

4. Barmaids *Cough*

-Tagerus**: Who put that in here?!

*Raises hand*-Omega zeron

*Throws Poison Drat at Omega Zeron*-Kkutwar

...*catches the dart* No. Save that for later. It's a waste of a dart. do this instead. *hits Omega Zeron with the hilt of a sword.*- Reaper0001

Pawn ShopEdit

Home to a variety of items: Some cool, some wierd, but all deadly

*Goes to shop*What,All I find is cra...COOL!!!A Spell book of awesome,overly powered spells!-Kkutwar

*In game: Testers only shop

**Tagerus is kindly played by my brother, Kian