The First Black Knight Tournament (Much is missing, edit at will)

Prayer and Kkut venture off in search of the time lord, and, using Prayer's ability, they warp to a town of time wizards(?). Kkut allows his sister to accompany him, but when she is confronted by a boar-like figure, he draws his sword and fights.

But she needed HUMAN lifeforce to get in,which I lost like 1 and 1/4.I lost another 5 years from the Glass Shield Magic.-Kkutwar

Ends with the players 'saving' the town from a rabbid invasion of mutant rabbits. The plan was for Sirion Balius to plant explosives around the city. Mr.Mystery(a venerable mystery) alerts Aidan of the head rabbit, whosteps out from behind a mysterious and questionable bush, while Flame observes Aidan's technique. The size of this rabbit is but one third of a normal man's height. However, Aidan becomes the first victim of the rabbid boss, his strength suckulated by his ESP (Energy Suckulating Plunger) and serated by the teeth of its minions, until Tagerus appears. By this time the rabbit has grown ten times its original size, to which one might ask:

What did Aidan have for breakfast?     

Wielding his holy sword he cleaves the rabbits in two and saves the arena master from an unfortunate fate. The boss attempts the ESP technique on Tagerus, but with a lion-like manuever he drops the rabbit from behind with an uppercut(?). Regaining his energy, Aidan is about to return to the Arena when Tagerus engages in combat with Flame, to which the ninja swears a rematch with. Paladin and arena master arrive at the arena, meeting Kkut, Sirion, and Mr. Mystery. Sirion sets off his explosion(How), blowing his arm off, and the players have the choice of saving him from falling into the endless void created by the blast. Taking the arena master's hand he is escorted off the field by the medic moglins, and reveals a prophecy. The aftermath of the players is covered by Black Knight Tournament 2, but no mention was made by Aidan how he covered the gigantic hole in the center of the arena.

-Magic. 42. -Aidan

Thanks for the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-neowantstobeamodsomeday

I crashed at least 3 tons of explosives hard into the ground while my wyvern was breathing fire, thats how I kersploded a hole in your arena.-Omega zeron.

You guys do know the fighting took place OUTSIDE don't you? -Aidan

Yep, those moglins are miracle workers when Im not chewing them or feeding them to my wyvern.-Omega zeron