Black mage Edit

1. Shadow beam

-beam of shadow energy

2. Warpshield

-opens a portal into warpspace that sucks away ranged attacks

3. Shadow Beast

-summons the ferocious shadow golem

4. Black Death: -Makes the opponent slip into a world(they think they see) where all their worst nightmares are real.

5. Ilusions

-creates three mirror images of yourself

6. Seal of Shadowfire

-when placed on the ground this seal becomes a trap. The next person to step on it is blasted with shadowfire

Chaotic or neuteral


Has specific armor: Black Mage Robes, the robes covered with arcane sigils, give the Black Mage his power.

Black paladinEdit


1. Holy Wrath

-sends out beams of energy to strike nearest foe

2. Angel of Light

-creates wings on the back which are made out of light. Allows flight

3. Heal

-heal one small to medium wound

4. Smite

-if used on evil: increased damage and knockback

-if used on chaotic: knockback

5. Infuse weapon

-weapon becomes a light weapon for 5 turns

6. Blinding Light

-all within area that are evil are blinded for 1 turn.

No specific. There is a BLACK PALADIN* armor though.

Black Magician Edit

1. Vorpal Bunny

Pulls out the deadly vorpal bunny

2. Abracadbra!

Causes the object to temporarily disapear

3. Magic Mirror

Creates an illusionary double of the caster

4. Card Trick

Shoots deadly cards at the target

5. Houdini

Allows the BM to escape any non magical bonds he in

6. Optical Ilusion

Blinds the target for one turn

Black Ninja Edit

1. Shadow Shurkien

Sends a shurkien made of shadowfire at the target

2. Master of Shadows

Can hide in shadows as long as not moving

3. Shadow Blade

Creates a blade out of shadowfire

4. Assassin

Can do an instant KO on target if the attack is a sneak attack

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