Test Arena: Ready for battle! Edit

Post as normal. Like this

Name: Aidan

Class: Tester

Race: Dude


Actions: I attack


Class: Knight

Race: Human


Actions: I parry and attack back

Battle! Place your action posts hereEdit

Name: Kkut

Class:Black Knight


Magic:Enflame,Blazing Ace,Glass Shield,Shadow Fire,Flight of the Angels,Shapeshift

Actions:I send out Shadow Fire at Aidan and trap him and the shadow fire with in a Glass Shield. esters Discussion: For discussing new classes and questions you have

Name: Aidan

Class: Black mage

Race: Gm

Magic: Shadow beam, Warpshield, Shadow Beast, Black Death, Ilusions, Seal of Shadowfire

Actions: I summon a shadow golem. (Shadow beast)

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