(The following is a brochure from Black Knight Travel)

Welcome to Black Knight Travel! Thank you for choosing us on your trip through the Old Forest.

Sites to see Edit

Dragon Lair Edit

This cave contains one of the most fantastic creatures of all time! An adult red dragon lives in this cave surrounded by treasure.

Admission: Free

Notes: Rumors of visitors being charbroiled has not been proved. If you are charbroiled, please remember Black Knight Travel is not responisible for damages.

In game:

Dragon Race: Dragon Armor: Scales Shield: None Helmet: None Weapon: Claws, tails, teeth, breath weapon, wings Gold: See Dragon Horde*

Nah you don't get to see this!

http://Elven Village

Take time to stop by this fanatastic sight! This village of elves holds various and sundry events including:

A) Singing

B) Dancing

C) Archery Competitions

D) Hobbit Stories *Cough*

In additon to all of this why not stop buy and pick up a fantasticly made bow. Your first bow comes with a free pack of twenty arrows!

Wight Lair Edit

[http:// Closed for redecoration. Please stay away. Remember Black Knight Travel is not responsible for any injuries you recieve. ]

Wolf Pack Edit

A pack of wolves as often been seen. Take your time and view the wonders of nature!

Note: Warning animals may be dangerous. Reports of werewolves are totally unconfirmed

Lodgings Edit

[http:// Buy a nice tent from BKTent Mart. For all your Tent Needs! ]

Canvas: 100 gp

Rubber: 150 gp

Waterproof: 200 gp

Wolf Proof: 225 gp

Essentials Edit

1. Bug spray

2. Wolf repellent

3. Marshmellows

4. Firewood

5. Fireball spell or matches