1)The most important rule, dont mock tagerus or aidans army.

They shoot at you and assault you for no reason!

WAAT?! LIES! -Tageus

Not a lie. It is true, I have experienced this firsthand. - Reaper0001

2)No contraband or "uber " weapons.

Youve been warned, aidans nerf-gun packs a wallop.

Those are the official rules, now hears my rules:

1)Obey official rule 1, they wont hesitate to shoot a poor deffencless drakel, you wont have a chance.

2)Dont go near me with an open flame. Chances are well get blow to peices.

3)Mr mystery "iz in your room, stealin all yur stuffs". Get a padlock.

4)Angel of light no likey bein callde flyboy. I do it but hell propably get me back for it later.

No, I don't like being called fly boy. I had to trap myself in an Aviato form to survive. Call me fly boy, you will find yourself with several large lumps on your head, and you'll be sitting in a random room in town, Tied up with chains.- Reaper0001

5)You will run into aidan alot. If you see him tell him to meet me in the bar.

Oh, and respect him, befreind him yadda yadda yadda.

6)Kkutwar steals all the good armors, if you want a half decent one, try shooting him. Repeatedly.

It wont kill him but it gives you a much better chance.

Hater.Beside,I don't get the good armors...just happen to be there at the time.-Kkutwar