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I made it so me is mod!


You do realize we use the same acount Aidan?

Of course! ^_^ How else can you delete stuff?

I apoligize to Neo, he is way better than me -Ne-imean Tagerus

Why are you messing with my posts?! -Tagerus

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None yet


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And so what? You guys share a nice administrator account while im stuck with this one? Pheh!


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Neo Pies

Omega Zeron

Post your witty comment here! -Aidan

I likez coments! -Tagerus

I maekez good ones! -Zeeble

its spelled Zeron - neopie

oops - Aidan

lol -Aidan

obligatory comment that has me saying i likez the wikiez -Neopie

Yays, eye iz a rightr!-Omega zeron

...Do you all spell this horrible? I made an account.-Reaper0001

Players:the dudes who beat up people Edit

Neopie:Lord of AWESOME

Kkutwar:Prince of awesome + better then everyone

Omega:Champ+black jester-wyvern rider-master blowup-ist and soon to be... IN JAIL!

Adian:The GM

Reaper:An angel of light

Ahh, irony. But be ready to change this when the next tourny is up. - Reaper0001

PM:The original black MAGICIAN